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Your Markets Are Changing, Can You keep Up? 
Nowhere is the market changing more rapidly than in the OEM and retail arena. Product life cycles have become shorter; opportunity buys have become more frequent. Fewer retailers are doing more of the business. E-commerce has become a more significant factor, and buyers and other critical contact personnel are changing frequently.

Today, retailers are looking for the best "business proposition," rather than individual products. They are searching for strategic partnerships, while reducing their total number of vendors. As a result the competition between manufacturers has become fierce, and optimizing "operational efficiencies" and leveraging "high level relationships," have become key opponents to gaining market share.

• Changing from product life cycles to "opportunity cycles"
• Top 25 retailers doing 85% of business
• Retail contracts changing frequently
• Buyers prefer multiple line sources and are consolidating vendors
• Retailers embracing consultative selling

MFG Direct Can Help You Meet the Challenge
In today's world of changing market dynamics and opportunities, many manufacturers have realized the benefits of outsourcing their field sales and customer management to MFG Direct, taking advantage of our:

• Essential multi-departmental contacts and high-level management relationships
• Faster time-to-market and quick response-to-market opportunities
• Consistent, timely marketing and sales communications
• Lower cost of sales

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